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They write… & what they mean is…


How can you improve your writing?

Take a look at the sets of mistakes below!

Becoming aware of your and others’ mistakes is

one of the best way to learn!

Set 3

1. Accidents are usually made by speeding people. —>…caused (or other synonyms) by people speeding.

2. mayby —> maybe

3. He is_very creative person, who can write an essay in_very short time. —> … a very creative person, … in a very short time.

4. He is fair and friendful. —> He is fair and friendly.

5. She is really creative, a truly imaginary person. —> … imaginative person.

Set 2

with reference to the text Travel Today


  1. We understand travelling nowadays mainly as the journey to the faraway countries, to the other continent etc.  — > … taking a journey to faraway countries, to another continent/ other continents
  2. It is clear that the unknown cultures, like Chinese, are always interesting. — > … understandable/ to be expected that less known cultures, like the Chinese, …
  3. its all consequences — > all of its consequences / all consequences therein
  4. Money and political restrictions are mostly not a problem, too.  — > … are not a problem anymore / either, for the most part


  1. I would like to tell about the travelling connected with exploration of your nearest area.  — > … to say a few words / to talk about travelling in connection with the exploration of nearby areas.
  2. I made with my sister a bicycle trip to Ogrodzieniec  — > I took a bicycle trip to Ogrodzieniec with my sister
  3. There are the ruins of a medieval castle — > The ruins of a medieval castle are still visible / … can be visited there or We visited the ruins …
  4. We know well this castle  — > Although we know/ knew this castle well…
  5. but we never chose that tourist route for cyclists — > we had never chosen that tourists’ bicycle route before.
  6. It was a many-hectares field, I guess, and all plants were turned with face to the setting sun.  — > … a field of many hectares, I guess. All the plants were turned towards / turned facing the setting sun.
  7. I hadn’t know, that there is so surprising place near my home.  — > I had no idea/ I didn’t know that there was such a surprising place near my home.


  1. After the trip I remembered the story of my girlfriend about her adventure in Provence.  — > After this trip I remembered my girlfriend’s story/ one of my girlfriend’s stories about…
  2. She told me about the identical situation, but instead of sunflowers, there was a lavender plantation.  — > … an identical situation, where instead of a sunflower field there was a lavender plantation.
  3. Moral of my story is simple:  — > The moral …
  4. You don’t have to go abroad to have so beautiful experiences.  — > … you … such…
  5. The variety of the landscapes appears also in our “small homelands” and the saying “cudze chwalicie – swego nie znacie” is always actual.  — > … of landscapes also appears… and the saying: … is always valid. / always stays true.

Set 1

with reference to the comments on Let’s talk Generations

1. I heard that in communistic times there were no problems with finding a job in Poland.

—> in the communist era/ during communist times/ during communism

2. It is only the methods that became different. <— It is only methods became different.

3. I start to think about changes in defining Generation.

—>I start to think about the changes in defining our Generation.

4. I think of children let say 10 years younger.

—> I think of children let’s say 10 years younger.

5. …because of differences in way they are grown up and behavior.

—> because of the differences in the way they grow up and behave.

6. But I guess this point of view can change by the time.

—> But I guess this point of view can change with/ in time.


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