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Dr. Annamaria Orla-Bukowska

Institute of Sociology



Alina Alens I have come to know Ms. Alina Alens very well since the beginning of her work in Poland. It was in 2007 that she – for no credit but rather out of intellectual curiosity – became my student in a course entitled “The Anthropology of Cultural Pluralism,” focusing on various religious, ethnic and national, regional, and other cultural minorities. Since then we have remained in contact and it is with pleasure that I have seen her bring various projects to fruition – conscientiously approaching each one she undertakes (including the bilingual publication of her poetry). The period of time has been sufficient to have afforded me chances to note her intellectual capabilities, noticeably deep level of engagement, and her independence and individuality.

Various facts testify to these traits. First is her constant hunger for knowledge and desire to find ways to apply newly acquired skills and information. Secondly, in class meetings, few other students participated so fully; Alina Alens constantly shone in this respect. Her comments always demonstrate creative and analytical thinking, and are always germane and relevant to the discussion. She speaks clearly, openly, and is unafraid to raise more critical aspects of a problem. Having also met with Ms. Alens outside the classroom setting, I can state that she is a good and attentive listener who raises incisive questions, and makes insightful remarks. Finally, she projects energy, enthusiasm, and a passion about international public service. Keenly interested in cultural issues, Alina Alens displays a desire to open up to new perspectives and problems while deepening her talents and experience.

Her travels and longer stays in various countries not only serve as evidence that examining the world and society (especially Central Europe and Poland) is important to Ms. Alens, but they are facilitating fluency in more (and a wide variety of) languages. Alina Alens’ personality is such that her seamless adaptation to Polish society is no doubt typical for her.

In summary, Ms. Alina Alens is a highly promising, intellectually and emotionally mature, and dedicated scholar with precise interests and plans. These are sure to succeed because she consistently applies her talents, skills and wisdom.


Mgr. Małgorzata Swiątek

Dyrector Jagiellonskiego Centrum Językowego, Kraków

Pani Andreea Alina Cirlanescu, obywatelka Rumunii, zatrudniona jest w Jagiellońskim Centrum Językowym Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, jako lektor języka angielskiego. Do naszego Centrum trafiła w 2006 roku, skierowana przez Towarzystwo AIESEC i odbyła staż zawodowy w roku akademickim 2006-2007. 

Alina Alens

W następnym roku zawarta została z nią umowa cywilnoprawa, ze względu na jej osiągnięcia zawodowe oraz wyjątkowe zaangażowanie w projekty językowe na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim. Dlatego też powierzono jej prowadzenie zajęć wśród zaawansowanych grup z języka angielskiego dla studentów Wydziału Prawa i Administracji UJ. Prowadziła zajęcia na poziomie B2, C1 oraz C2. W roku akademickim 2006-2007 Alina opracowała także autorski program i prowadziła grupę pomostową dla studentów I roku na poziomie C1.

Pani Cirlanescu angażuje się w dodatkowe prace naszej jednostki, między innymi publikując artykuły w miesięcznikach, przykładowo w “The Teacher”, nr 10 z 2007, gdzie opisała swoje dotychczysowe doświadczenia z nauczania w artykule “Learning Experience”. Alina wykazuje się wielkim zaangażowaniem i entuzjazmem w swojej pracy, a jej imponujące doświadczenie ma bezpośrednie przełożenie na osiągnięcia dydaktyczne poświadczone uszykaniem wysokich ocen w ankietach studenckich.




Department of English Language and Literature

Ms ALINA CIRLANESCU was my student at “Avram Iancu” University, Cluj-Napoca, for two years (1999-2001). During this time, I got to know Miss Cirlanescu very well and was very impressed with her excellent academic ability, exhibited in several main and special courses I run in the English Department, such as Modernist and Postmodernist British Fiction. Her command of English is at a very high level, both receptively and productively, as she both writes and speaks flawlessly. “Avram Iancu” University graduated Ms Cirlanescu summa cum laude in 2002. A year later she received a magna cum laude MA degree in Irish Studies from the Babes-Bolyai University, in Cluj, and its partner, Queen’s University, in Belfast.

Living in a non-native speaker environment (in Romania and Poland) has not limited her range of oral and written expression. In 2009 she published her first volume of poetry in English in Krakow. I have no doubt that her position as a teacher of English at the Jagiellonian University Language Centre in Krakow, Poland, can only benefit this prestigious academic institution which is yet another place where she can manifest her skills.

I taught Ms Alina Cirlanescu a number of courses and at all times she proved to be one of my most accomplished students (ranking: 3%). Thoughtful, widely read, with a vivid perception and fine critical insights, she is one of the most gifted and promising of her class. She is always willing to contribute to the academic debate, is highly motivated to increase her field of expertise and finds personal research and compulsory, as well as supplementary, assignments challenging and rewarding. I strongly believe that her firm commitment to scholarly work is indicative of her capacity to dedicate herself thoroughly to any project that she undertakes. Ms Alina Cirlanescu has already demonstrated her commitment to achieving outstanding scholarly work by winning several international scholarships.

Ms Cirlanescu is very pleasant and amiable, and is popular in her study group given her diligence, loyalty, intelligence and team spirit. At times, particularly when faced with strenuous tasks, she tends to develop a leader spirit, which is on the whole beneficial to her academic group, through her supportive attitude and her capacity of working under pressure. She is very warm and sociable, as well as a very dedicated and promising individual. Ms Cirlanescu’s intellectual and personal qualities make me therefore strongly recommend her as both artist and teacher of English.


Monica Marasescu


Centre Manager

I am writing this recommendation in my capacity as centre manager of British Council Cluj, Romania.

 As the British Council works as partner in educational projects, this gave me the opportunity to know Alina in a variety of activities involving teachers of English since 2003.

Alina Cirlanescu is an overall enthusiastic professional and a very enjoyable person to work with. Alina Alens
She has excellent professional qualifications, proved by her excellent integration in the school life and teaching community, as in a few examples below, showing Alina’s involvement in a few projects in which the English Teachers’ Association and the British Council were partners:

Alina enthusiastically took part in The Magic Pencil project, both in the training for teachers that the British Council ran, and also in the follow-up competition for students (November, 2003); the project suited Alina very much as it involves creativity on the part of participants, whether teachers or students. Besides, she writes beautiful poetry in English, and I’m happy she chose me to read some of them.

An even more conclusive example of her creativity is her participation in the Drama Festival organised by the Teachers’ Association in May 2005 – where she prepared students to participate with a play written by herself. This won her the Best Original Script Award.

As member of the Teachers’ Association RATE (affiliated to IATEFL) Alina was very active participating in regular meetings of the association with relevant contributions. One major contribution was to the RATE-QUEST National Conference Evaluation – A Requisite for Quality Learning (October, 2005, Cluj) as both organiser and speaker. As organiser, she worked very well in the organising team and was appreciated as a reliable team worker. Besides, she was co-presenter of Evaluation of Optional Courses for Primary and Secondary School, which was appreciated by participants as valuable work, especially as it showed how computer-assisted projects can be used for evaluation.

All this demonstrates she can be an excellent manager of educational and cultural events, with very good public relations skills.

Alina has permanently been interested in self development as a teacher and teacher trainer, taking part in the workshops and seminars guiding teachers on how to prepare their students for Cambridge exams.

For her personal and professional qualities I do believe that Alina can be a reliable teacher and teacher trainer, always open to development.



Chair, QUEST Romania

Director, ACCESS Language Centre

I have known Ms Alina Cîrlănescu for more than three years in my capacity as director of ACCESS Language Centre and Chair of QUEST – The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services (EAQUALS Associate Member).

Alina Alens Ms Cîrlănescu is a hard-working and dedicated language teacher. She is also dynamic, enthusiastic, communicative and a very good group worker, always eager to support her peers.

Ms Cîrlănescu has good organisational skills and she can communicate effectively in various work or study-related situations. She assisted with the preparations for an international conference jointly organised in 2005 by RATE – The Romanian Association of Teachers of English and QUEST – The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services. During this Conference that brought together 150 language teaching professionals, Ms Cîrlănescu also presented a paper that was in line with the major theme of the event, namely evaluation in language education.

Given the numerous training programmes she has completed and the teaching experience that she has gained in the public as well as the private sector, I believe Ms Cîrlănescu is entitled to pursue a career in language education both as a teacher and a teacher trainer.

I trust that Ms Cîrlănescu will benefit any organisation she works with as she has earned the trust and appreciation of her fellow professionals.

In view of the above-mentioned reasons, I warmly recommend Ms Cîrlănescu as a reliable teaching professional.



Group Leader at the International Languge Camp



Alina Cirlanescu was the translator at our four week summer English language camp for Bridges of Education in Cluj, Romania.

She was on call twelve hours a day. She was able to simultaneously translate in meetings and was used as a tour guide. Since we were a group of nineteen American teachers, we relied on her help in  translating correctly and without any misunderstanding.

I was pleased with her professionalism. She proved to be very discreet in all conversations confidential.

Alina is a very conscientious person, and dedicated to anyone under her care.

I believe that she will do well in any career choice that she makes.


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