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End-of-Year Thoughts, Anyone?

This academic year is only a few days closer to its end, so I would like to propose a symbolic toast:

It may have looked like this choir, posing on Grodzka street in Krakow

… or not. Mystery revealed!

Apparatus Blues

was sung by American students. The answer to the question:

Can you guess when it was sung and by which graduates? is revealed by

the Pembroke Record,

a student magazine published by the Women’s College in Brown University,

the September issue of 1923,

that is 87 years ago…

I’m not ecstatic, nor yet enthusiastic

About being acrobatic or doing a gymnastic.

I’d like to be elastic, lithe and supple-plastic

And do those queer gyrastics but I get darn rheumatic.

When I was only eight one didn’t criticise

A person ruminating on sausages and pies

But now alternation is food for contemplation;

So with much agitation I’m reducing in this wise.

Chorus –

I’ve got the ap-ap-ap-ap-ap-apparatus blues, so black and blue.

Oh it’s that hap-hap-hap-hap-hap-hap-haphazard way we jump the boom

I hang my feet on flying rings, shimmy up the great long ropes,

And gee, how they swing.

It’s the things I do that gives me the gol darn blues – I’m black and blue

Patter –

First I breathe 1, 2

Then I bend, 3

Then I twirl on my toe

And that’s where I score.

Turn a summersault.

Then jump on a horse,

If I don’t break my neck

Then it isn’t my fault.

I shimmy up the ropes,

I travel on the rings; I do all sorts of stunts on those BOOMY things,

I hang by my feet till my brains run loose

And now I’ve got the ap-ap-apparatus blues

Chorus –

Well, this is an example of what you could do when you successfully finish one year at University. There is still a little bit of time left until you will graduate, but I would like you to think about the ways you would like to celebrate graduation and the way you are thinking of celebrating this year that is about to pass.

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