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Memories From the Dorm Days…

Pawel Lasko presenting the robot he designed with his team (09.06.10)

Sometimes the best thing about memories is sharing them just to see if others find them as amusing as you do.

Not all of you have lived or are living in a dorm. However, you must have heard some stories in the dorm-days category.  If anyone might ask you to describe a regular day in your life as a student living in the dorm, you’ll probably answer “study, study, study.” Especially now, at the beginning of the exam session, it is only natural, should someone ask you “How does your day look like?”, to answer promptly, “Oh, I study, of course I do!”

What if you were to look back at those particular events and surprises that have spiced up your day and possibly troubled your  in the night’s sleep? Places to hang, eat a great meal, discounts that make it worth having a student ID, daily occurrences, you name it.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez remembers, for example, that in his dorm days “dawns in the dormitory had a suspicious resemblance to happiness, except for the lethal bell that sounded the alarm at six in the middle of the night. Only two or three mental defectives would jump out of bed to be the first in line for the six showers of icy water in the dormitory bathroom. The rest of us used the time to squeeze out the last drops of sleep until the teacher on duty walked the length of the room pulling the blankets off the sleepers.” (Living to Tell the Tale, pp. 194-195)

He further remembers that “starting at  dawn, Guillermo Granados gave free rein to his virtues as a tenor with an inexhaustible repertoire of tangos.” With Ricardo Gonzalez Ripoll, his neighbour in the dormitory he would sing duets of Carribean guarachas to the rhythm of the rag they used to polish their shoes at the head of the bed and the stories continue… HILARIOUS!!!

So what do you do when you don’t cram for exams, read books at the library, attend courses and seminars at University or build robots for international competitions like the students in this picture? What does your “dorm” life look like? Is there anything that you might find difficult to forget – social, cultural, interpersonal, and so on?

Pawel, Piotr & Pawel


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18 Responses

  1. Laska says:

    My main dorm activity is having a drink, having a cigarette (but recently I decided to give up smoking) 🙂 and having fun with the girls Piotrek brings along 😀 – real student life. Oh, I can’t forget about karaoke 😀

    • Piotrek says:

      Lol, Laska, last time I brought along two young ladies, U could not stand them, and got so angry with me… where is the fun in it? 🙂

  2. Laska says:

    Not quantity but quality matters…

  3. Piotrek says:

    What do i do except the things mentioned? Obviously earning money by teaching people maths or physics, or giving swimming lessons.
    And if U ask me how i relax: swimming, will be the answer.. and climbing.. and in general any sport-like activity.

    • Alina Alens says:

      Gabriel Garcia Marquez remembers that:

      “[The college student time] was an ideal climate for me. Beginning at the Colegio San Jose, the vice of reading everything I came across was so deep seated that I spent my free time and almost all my time in classes doing just that.”
      Similar to you and capitalisation, he also remembers that “When I was sixteen, with good spelling or without it, I could repeat without pausing for breath the poems I had learned at the Colegio San Jose. (I read and reread them with no help or order, and almost in secret during classes. I believe I had read the entire indescribable library of the liceo…)” p. 194

  4. Piotrek says:

    Fortunately, there’s come the time when the Sun is high, the girls wear summer dresses, and we are slowly starting our holiday.. Do u do any special things to open the summer fun? The first visit to open waters… drinks on the roof?

    • Laska says:

      What about jumping off cliffs, let’s say at least 15m high? 😉

      • Piotrek says:

        i think it would be rather dangerous..
        but as they say: no risk no fun.. and specially, when you have nothing to lose, you can really be free…

      • Alina Alens says:

        They say “no pain, no gain“, but people like to personalise this saying.

      • Alina Alens says:

        Jumping off cliffs is quite a risky activity, unless you have something like bungee jumping or diving in mind. BRrrr

      • Imladris says:

        Oh, yeah! Every time I stand near the ridge of void (like for example in the mountains, or on the top floor of high building) I feel like jumping off the ledge and fly 🙂 Or, if I’m in a depressive mood, crash.
        You made my imagination work right now, Laska. I have no chance of living in a dorm since I’ve been living in Kraków for 22 years 🙂

    • Piotrek says:

      Jumping from cliffs – ok.. and what about riding on the back bumpers of trams (or better trains)?? Feeling the wind and speed.. and much more risk..

  5. Magda Ł says:

    I have always wanted to live in a dorm but didn’t have the chance though… Guess it’s a lot more fun that living alone or just with one friend. (but I do not complain about it 😉 )

  6. Chrisco says:

    I’ve never been living in a dorm.Although I attended to some parties out there and I liked them.However I don’t think I could bear with such atmosphere 7 days/week. I do live under one roof with some students from variety of universities.I praise my independence and I enjoy my individual space.Moreover I cannot complain on lack of friends,parties or fooling around…The most important think is to keep BALANCE! Take care ;d

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