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Week of Mourning: Day 4

Presented with the opportunity, what questions would you like a sociologist to answer about the possible consequences of the tragic event last weekend on Poland and the European society at large?

Here are some questions already formulated by some of you at our classes this week. Some are very general, others more specific. If you would like to add more questions to this list, you are invited to do so by leaving comments to this post. I will use a selection of these questions for an upcoming interview for my radio show, “Cultural me, Cultural you,” so if you would like to get an answer to a particular question you have, let it be known!

  • How will the Polish society react to the tragic event on April, 10?
  • How will the radio, television and other media present the tragedy and the atmosphere of the upcoming days?
  • Are we going to witness any significant changes in Polish people’s attitudes?
  • Will the mourning unite the Poles? If so, for how long?
  • Are we, the Poles, a country that can be united only in times of crisis?
  • When something so terrible and shocking happens all countries seem to react and manifest their feelings in the same way. These last few days we could observe a unity of attitude in most people. Is it possible to say that we are evolving towards a “world society,” in which similar behavioural patterns imprinted in everyone’s subconscious influence our actions in a similar way?
  • Could you compare last Saturday’s catastrophe with the death of Pope John Paul II, 5 years ago?
  • Do you believe that more people will become interested in politics and its mechanisms?
  • Will the Polish political culture improve after the tragedy?
  • Will the Polish economy and the zloty be affected by the event?
  • How will the gambling community work without Zbigniew Wasserman?
  • In what way is this tragic event going to influence the relations between Poland and Russia?
  • Will both Poland and Russia be able to put the past behind them?
  • Will the Russian attitude toward the Katyn events change?
  • Is this catastrophe going to raise the awareness of people from other countries on the tragic events in Katyn, in 1940?

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6 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Why do people tend to call a “national hero” a president who was not very popular before the tragedy and had more opponents than supporters?

  2. mike says:

    Do you think that the trip to Katyń was a heroic fight for the freedom of speech that has been denied in Russia and PRL for many years (as many people tends to say), or just an obligation of the head of the state whose citizens were murdered there?

  3. mike says:

    Do you think that it is fair to use the following argument in the presidential campaign: vote for me because I will continue the policy of the dead president?

  4. Patryk-Filip says:

    How will policy making change after catastrophe?

  5. Łukasz G. says:

    To what purpose is Jarosław Kaczyński trying to take his brother’s position?

  6. Chrisco says:

    How would you name and qualify former activieties of Janusz Palikot(offending Kaczyńscy brothers) in the context of such tragedy?

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